What is The Teen Project?

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What is The Teen Project?

The teen project is a parent to the parent list; we literally go out looking for the kids that have aged out of a foster care on the street. If you could imagine being an 18 year old sleeping in an alley way and knowing that no one is looking for you, no one’s coming, the devastation of that we cannot even imagine. We have created a team, within a team project, that we call a parent to the parent list. We hit the streets to find these kids, we offer them a house, food, college, college scholarships, we give them paid job in the field of their choice, we allow them to open checking accounts, give them cars just like a normal kid would have. We have housing, silver college housing for our kids, we have a street outreach, we have a drop in center in an area where there is a high population of homeless youth, we have a mentorship program that circulates throughout the United States where we mentor other class youth organization to do just what we are doing here, which is to create a volunteer network of people that care about the kids to come together and bring them home. We have a national text program where any youth in the nation can text the word “shelter” and their zip code to our short code and it will respond a local shelter to where they’re sending within 40 seconds. We have a hotels.com type database online that has 18,000 shelters net all over the United States where they can type in a general statistics about their area whether it’s a city or zip code, they’ll immediately respond with a safe place to go within their vicinity. I need your help, we need your help, we are all volunteers with the team project and we exist because of people like you, we only take private donations and we need people from everywhere with every skill to help this kids. Please contact us.

Watch Video: What is The Teen Project? by Lauri Burns, ...


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Lauri Burns

Teen Project Founder & Author

Lauri Burns was once a “system kid”, a heroin addict and a prostitute. She is now a self-made success: a foster mom, the founder of one of the most recognized new charities in the US, the owner of an Information Technology firm, and author of Punished for Purpose, which chronicles her life struggles and the formula she used to become a success.

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