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Adoption Attorney Felice Webster explains how adopting a child in another state can make the adoption process for difficult and what adoptive parents should do to... read more
Adoption Attorney Felice Webster shares advice for adopting parents on how to find a reputable adoption attorney and why it is important to get a specialist rather than... read more
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Understanding adoption laws can be c
Working with social services is an important part of the adoption process. Gregory Keck, PhD Attachment Therapist... read more
Adoption Attorney Stephen Ravel explains what the legal rights for a birth father is depending on his relationship with the birth mother
Do you to learn more about your possible legal rights as either the birth mother or a member of the birth family? Stephen Ravel, who has been an adoption attorney for 30... read more
View Kathy Gordon's video on Biological parent rights and reunification efforts...
Adoption Attorney Stephen Ravel explains how long it usually takes for a birth mother to terminate her parental rights and how it can only take place after the baby is... read more
View Stephen Ravel's video on Choosing an adoption attorney...
Watch Jill Boyer, MSW's video on When parental rights are terminated...
Learn about: Time off and legal rights for adoptive parents from Christina Coleman,...
Felice Webster, Adoption Attorney, shares advice for stepparents looking to stepchild on the proper steps to take and how to make the process run smoothly
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