Adoption in USA

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Adoption in USA

In choosing an attorney to help you adopt, I think there are a couple things you really need to keep in mind. First, you should talk to a number of different lawyers. Find out what their approach is. Find out how they communicate with you. If you feel comfortable with them, if they are open, if they are directive if you want somebody who can walk you through the whole process or if you just want somebody who will do the paperwork for you. Those are totally seperate issues for people. The first thing would be to talk to other clients of that attorney and find out how that attorney has dealt with those clients and find out what their approach might be to representing their clients because everybody is different. Everyone has a different way of dealing with their clients. And then the second would be to assess what your own needs are in terms of representation. Do you want someone who can walk you through the whole process, hold your hand all the way or somebody who really leaves you to your own and you can control the process. And I think you need to be honest and assess what works for you under those circumstances.

View Stephen Ravel's video on Choosing an adoption attorney...


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Stephen Ravel

Adoption Attorney

Stephen Ravel attended UC Berkley for his undergraduate degree and Santa Clara Law School for his law degree. Stephen has been an attorney since 1973, and has been involved with adoption law since 1984. He has handled over 1,300 adoptions since the start of his career. Stephen is married and has three children. His oldest child was adopted from Brazil at birth.

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