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Watch Langka Treadwell's video on Choosing an adoption agency...
Adoption Attorney Stephen Ravel shares advice for a person or couple looking to adopt a child on how to decide which type of adoption is best for you to pursue
Learn more about how to choose an adoption agency and what key traits of a program to look out for, from Jill Boyer, MSW, adoption and foster care expert who has working... read more
Jennifer Bliss, PsyD Adoption Expert, explains the various differences between an open adoption and a closed adoption, including which type benefits the adopted child... read more
Single father and adoptive dad, Dan Pearce shares his experience with the adoption process through his hilarious blog that is aimed at helping other parents going... read more
Adoption Attorney Felice Webster explains how long it usually takes adopting parents for an infant domestic adoption and the factors that influence the amount of time it... read more
View Annie Wilcox's video on Choosing open adoption...
Guylaine Hubbard-Brosmer, PhD, a parent herself to her pregnant teenage daughter, offers helpful advice for other parents that are raising pregnant teenagers. Her own... read more
Kids in the House
The decision to adopt can be a difficult decision for a couple to make. There are several different options available to adoptive parents.
Kids in the House
Adopting a child can give a child the lifelong home they have always dreamed of.  Many people consider adoption as a process in which a baby is given to adoptive... read more
See Susanne Bohnet's video on Timeline/Ages for adoption ...
Learn about: Deciding what age child to adopt from Langka Treadwell,...
The medical background of your baby is important as you prepare to bring this newborn into your home. Stephen Ravel, seasoned adoption attorney, shares key information... read more
Adoption Expert Guylaine Hubbard-Brosmer, PhD, explains the benefits of choosing an open adoption and why she and her husband chose to have an open adoption
Learn about: The different paths to adoption from Kathy Gordon,...
Kathy Gordon, Parent Educator & Adoptive Mom, shares advice for those considering adopting a child on the differences between adopting an older child and a young child
Experienced adoption and foster care expert Jill Boyer, MSW, explains more about the international adoption process and how if differs from domestic adoption.
Artist and adoptive mother Stacy Earl shares how her and her husband came across the foster care system in Los Angeles and how they found the right process for them in... read more
Adoption Expert Guylaine Hubbard-Brosmer, PhD, explains what the different types of adoption are available for parents looking to adopt and how adoption attorneys can... read more
Learn about: Choosing a professional to help with adoption from Charley Kamen,...
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