Deciding what age child to adopt

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Deciding what age child to adopt

I think that there are many elements you look at when deciding what age child you're going to adopt. Many people, particularly I feel, that many people who have struggled with fertility and have this dream of a newborn baby that they should try to adopt a child as young as possible. For those people who never had plans to birth a child, then maybe they feel more open to a child that is older. There are huge positives about adopting an older child. Those children really need homes. To me that's a huge positive right there and that's an incentive to do it. But know the challenges, know that in itself age can be a special need, that those first two years are really crucial in a child's development and often those children are in orphanage settings or worse on the street. So know that there will be challenges. If you do know that and you go into it with an open heart and you go into it knowing that there are going to be bumps in the road, then it can be highly successful. I've seen it be successful – children coming from all different countries and it can be such a huge powerful experience for the parents as well. So I encourage people to do it. I think it's the greatest work that people can do as a parent.

Learn about: Deciding what age child to adopt from Langka Treadwell,...


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Langka Treadwell

Adoptive Mom

Langka Treadwell is the mother to seven children adopted from all over the globe. She works and volunteers with organizations affiliated with adoption related issues.

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