False starts in adoptions

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False starts in adoptions

There were various false starts in our adoptions – you know, we adopted for a full 10 years and during that time it’s natural that there would be bumps in the road. But none of them were big enough or catastrophic enough that they would stop us from our focus. We knew we wanted to adopt, we were very young and we were very adventurous, so there were definitely times… we went to various countries, walked into orphanages, met children that we thought that we were going to adopt – they had special needs that were too great for us, we couldn’t commit to those children – so I really look at those as being a false start. But I also look at people who are giving birth – four kids, they have four birth children – there’s going to be false starts. There’s going to be miscarriages, etc., etc. So I think be ready for those false starts, but keep an open mind and know that it’s all the journey to where you need to get. And it’s really important, it’s a really important journey and not just the goal.

View Langka Treadwell's video on False starts in adoptions...


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Langka Treadwell

Adoptive Mom

Langka Treadwell is the mother to seven children adopted from all over the globe. She works and volunteers with organizations affiliated with adoption related issues.

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