Fetal alcohol syndrome

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Fetal alcohol syndrome

I have two children with fetal alcohol syndrome and out of all the special needs it is probably the most challenging. It is the one that can really mask itself and it is one that you really have to look out for if you’re not going purposefully into a special needs adoption. Certainly, there are certain places in the world… if you go to Russia or places near Russia, you are going to be dealing with a huge amount of children that have fetal alcohol syndrome. And it is certainly manageable. My kids are amazingly talented and I don’t regret one second with those children, but it is certainly a difficult special need and one to look out for. And one that you really can detect, if you’re smart about it. So if you have the right doctors, look at pictures, look at videos of those children. They can tell just from facial structure of your child. It wasn’t something that I did, so I’m glad that I got to the place that I am, but for those of you who really want to do your due diligence in that way and want to be ready for a special need rather than be surprised by it, definitely, definitely have doctors look at pictures and… to help you make the decision on whether it’s the right special need for you and your family.

Watch Video: Fetal alcohol syndrome by Langka Treadwell, ...


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Langka Treadwell

Adoptive Mom

Langka Treadwell is the mother to seven children adopted from all over the globe. She works and volunteers with organizations affiliated with adoption related issues.

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