Babies up for adoption

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Babies up for adoption

I have a son, a biological son, who actually just turned 22 years. He was born when I was in college in New York city. So, that was rather chaotic. I was very much clear about myself and my needs, being a mother. And that would be very important for me to nurture an infant, and to actually have this experience, to be very emotionally and physically present for very small baby. I picked up my daughter on the second day of her life, from the hospital. She was crystal meth addicted. I knew that. I had no issues with it. Because, I knew what to do. She was fine after 6 weeks. And she is extremely smart, healthy, beautiful. But I really wanted a small baby. Because, for my own well being I knew that I wanted to experience, to nurture a small baby. And there are many, many, many newborns and babies waiting. Just as much as there are many older children, very healthy older children, waiting as well. But, I'm a strong believer, as an adoptive candidate, that you have to be in touch with what works for you. And, just be very honest about it. So, for me, I knew I wanted to be a mother of a newborn.

See Susanne Bohnet's video on Timeline/Ages for adoption ...


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Susanne Bohnet

Media Finance Specialist

Susanne Bohnet is currently CEO of Serafini Pictures, a US based finance and production company. Ms. Bohnet was previously heading the U.S office of Equity Pictures (Equity Pictures has been the second largest film fund in Germany) where she initiated strategic partnerships with U.S producers, negotiated deals with financiers and talent, oversaw production and handled the day to day operations on behalf of the company.

Ms. Bohnet is also a regular speaker on entertainment panels, as well as on panels within the financial marketplace. Furthermore, she was invited to speak on the primetime CNBC evening news in the Middle East to discuss the demands of the growing international film industry.

Ms. Bohnet is a German native, who moved to Los Angeles approximately 10 years ago. She holds a master’s degree in Media Economics from the Cologne Media Academy; a BA in Film from her studies at the Tisch School of Film in New York City; and University of Communication in Dortmund, Germany.

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