Overcoming hurdles in a single parent adoption

Susanne Bohnet, Media Finance Specialist, shares some of the obstacles for single parent adoption and how she overcame them.
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Overcoming hurdles in a single parent adoption

There are obstacles in adopting as a single parent and there are obstacles adopting, you know, as a let's say couple if you are going through the fost-adopt process. I mean if you are single or not single there is no difference on a legal level. You are being treated as an entity if you single, or you couple, or you gay, or you 50 years old, or you are 18 years old, if you have money or you don't have money. Which I think it's really important knowledge. A lot of people believe you have to have a certain amount of financial whereabouts, which is not the case. There are ways the county can help you and they will help you because for that child to grow up in foster care is more expensive and it's usually, that child usually ends up in jail or homeless. So the government understands if that child is as lucky as it should be, because every child does deserve a family; to find a good family or appropriate family - that is better for everyone involved. The hurdles I did experience which I would like to mention here. You pick up your child, your child lives with you, you are the legal guardian of the child but the adoption is not finalized and to finalize the adoption is a process. And there are moments in this process where you will be angry, frustrated and discouraged. And it usually turns out just fine if you have a network of social workers, may be of attorneys, which again you are not paying for. But I highly highly recommend to have a strong support system, going through the legal process and finalizing your adoption. And even as a single parent, you know later on, to be part of a support system; to never think you are doing this on your own and you are carrying the world on your shoulders. Because I think it's very important. Any other challenge and aspect in life where we are going from one family structure to another one. Then we really need to surround ourselves with love and people who get us and people who are going through the same. I mean your aunt, your uncle, your boyfriend, your sister will not understand the process that people in the adopting, in the fosting community they will understand your process. So I'm a very very strong believer of surrounding yourself with a strong network, who has been very experienced in this process.

Susanne Bohnet, Media Finance Specialist, shares some of the obstacles for single parent adoption and how she overcame them.


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Susanne Bohnet

Media Finance Specialist

Susanne Bohnet is currently CEO of Serafini Pictures, a US based finance and production company. Ms. Bohnet was previously heading the U.S office of Equity Pictures (Equity Pictures has been the second largest film fund in Germany) where she initiated strategic partnerships with U.S producers, negotiated deals with financiers and talent, oversaw production and handled the day to day operations on behalf of the company.

Ms. Bohnet is also a regular speaker on entertainment panels, as well as on panels within the financial marketplace. Furthermore, she was invited to speak on the primetime CNBC evening news in the Middle East to discuss the demands of the growing international film industry.

Ms. Bohnet is a German native, who moved to Los Angeles approximately 10 years ago. She holds a master’s degree in Media Economics from the Cologne Media Academy; a BA in Film from her studies at the Tisch School of Film in New York City; and University of Communication in Dortmund, Germany.

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