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There are a number of different ways to have communication within an adoption. From the very least amount of communication is a closed adoption, where you don´t know the birth mother or birth family at all. You have very little information on the birth family. All the way to an open adoption, a completely open adoption, you have all their information. They have all of your information. Very shared, very open, all of that, to the comfort level of both birth parents and adoptive parents. Initially going into adoption, we were learning towards semi open, which is some information but not a whole lot of information. So no phone numbers or addresses or any of that. Some people don´t even like their states or general areas being shared. Going forward in the adoption, we became more and more comfortable with talking to the birth mom to the point where now we have an open adoption. She has our address. We have her address. I am able to send her photos of the baby. I am able to text her because we have shared phone numbers, so I can text her photos of the baby. We are able to text each other updates, mild updates. It´s not constant communication but it is enough to make everyone comfortable with how our daughter is being raised and that the birth mom is feeling that she is still part of her daughter´s life and part of our life.

View Annie Wilcox's video on Choosing open adoption...


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Annie Wilcox

Stay at Home Mom

Annie Wilcox is the mother of four children, with three biological children and one adopted child. Annie lives with her family in her native town in Southern California.

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