Bonding and bottle-feeding

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Bonding and bottle-feeding

There are so many ways to bond with a baby other than breastfeeding. Even with bottle feeding, you can still bond wonderfully with a baby. Also sharing the responsibility of feeding with your spouse or partner and also with any children or family members that might want to be part of that as well. With bottle feeding, our fourth child who was adopted, my other children were able to assist in that. They were able to hold her and feed her and look in her eyes when she was eating. She grasped their hands when she was eating, just like a baby does any other time they're eating, breastfed or bottle fed. And our whole family was able to share in that, which was really great for all of us.

View Annie Wilcox's video on Bonding and bottle-feeding...


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Annie Wilcox

Stay at Home Mom

Annie Wilcox is the mother of four children, with three biological children and one adopted child. Annie lives with her family in her native town in Southern California.

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