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Adoption Attorney Stephen Ravel explains the two most common things that birth mothers are looking for when choosing adoptive parents for her child
Jill Boyer, MSW Adoption and Foster Care Expert, explains the process of how birth mothers and adoptive families are matched and selected by the birthmother to become... read more
Felice Webster, Adoption Attorney, explains the process of how adoptive parents are chosen by the birth mother and what potential parents can do to help themselves be... read more
Adoption Attorney Felice Webster, shares advice for adoptive parents on what their rights are concerning what the birth mom is doing that might be compromising her... read more
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When it comes to choosing adoptive parent
Adoption expert and adoptive mother of two children, Guylaine Hubbard-Brosmer, PhD shares her experience with an open adoption and how her family maintains open and... read more
Adoption Attorney Stephen Ravel shares advice on how prospective adoptive parents are matched with a birth mother and what the process is for finalizing the relationship
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