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Meet Stephen Ravel

I'm Steve Raval. I'm an adoption attorney. I've been an adoption attorney for 28 years. I've handled over 1300 adoptions. I'm located in Los Gatos, California. I live with my wife and we have 3 adult children and 1 granddaughter. And I enjoy running. I enjoy outdoor activities. And I enjoy doing adoptions.
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See Stephen Ravel's video on Meet Stephen Ravel...


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Stephen Ravel

Adoption Attorney

Stephen Ravel attended UC Berkley for his undergraduate degree and Santa Clara Law School for his law degree. Stephen has been an attorney since 1973, and has been involved with adoption law since 1984. He has handled over 1,300 adoptions since the start of his career. Stephen is married and has three children. His oldest child was adopted from Brazil at birth.

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