Disciplining stepchildren

Learn about: Disciplining stepchildren from Tristan Coppersmith,...
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Disciplining stepchildren

No matter how awesomely perfect you think your stepkids are, from time to time they are going to need discipline. But it´s important to discipline your kids without overstepping your boundaries. So to do that, you want to work really closely with your partner so that he not only gives you permission to discipline but also supports the discipline decisions that you make. Once he puts that into effect, the kids will begin to respect that you are an authority in their household and they will follow suit. Kids definitely crave discipline. So you don´t want to become the weakest link. It is very easy to just put it off on hey, I will tell dad when he gets home what you did. But therefore, they will prey on you knowing that you are the weak link. And when you become the weak link, you become a really disempowered stepparent.

Learn about: Disciplining stepchildren from Tristan Coppersmith,...


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Tristan Coppersmith

Stepmom & Expectant Mom

Tristan is a stepmom of two and a mom of one-on-the-way. By day she is a Love Stylist, helping single women navigate the challenges of dating. She is the author of Menu Dating and the soon to be released, Getting Out of Love's Way. By night she is a psychology grad student at Pepperdine. What she really lives for, though, is lazy strolls on the beach, eavesdropping at local coffee shops, shopping for vintage dresses and of course, snuggle time with the family. 

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