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Meet Gioconda Aviles

I'm Gioconda Aviles, mother of 6 - 4 boys, 2 girls. I've been married twice, first time 15 years to a guy, this last time 3 years to a woman. I had 4 sons with my husband and 2 twin daughters through IVF with my wife. I am a Spanish interpreter. I have an interpreting agency. I like to go hiking, do pilates, go out for walks, dine with friends, read interesting books.
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See Gioconda Aviles's video on Meet Gioconda Aviles...


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Gioconda Aviles

Mom & Court Certified Spanish Interpreter

Gioconda Aviles, 45, is a mother of six: Four boys, ages 23, 21,19, and 17 from her first marriage, and twin girls, ages 2 ½, from her second. She had her first child at 22 and her last two at 42. She is a Certified Court Spanish Interpreter who has operated her own interpreting agency for the last 24 years. She loves being a mom - it is the best and most challenging thing she has ever done.

Gioconda enjoy cooking, Pilates, dancing, hiking, making new friends and having new experiences.

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