Meet Janis Keyser, MA

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Meet Janis Keyser, MA

My name is Janis Keyser. I am an educator and an author. I spent years with young children, their teachers, their parents and I am never tired of seeing the world through a young child's eyes understanding the good idea, seeing their discoveries and loving their optimism. I am the mother of three, the stepmother and step grandmother of many. I love to spend time in nature with the kids. I love kayaking, I love swimming in lakes, I love bicycling. I love cooking particularly with children and I love photography.
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Watch Janis Keyser, MA's video on Meet Janis Keyser, MA...


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Janis Keyser, MA

Early Childhood Education Specialist & Author

Janis Keyser currently works as a site director for a child development program in Mountain View, California. She was a full-time faculty member in the Early Childhood Education Department at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California for 30 years, teaching children, teachers and parents and coordinating a state demonstration infant toddler program. She has written a resource book for parents and one for teachers; and is a nationally recognized speaker at parenting, family and child development conferences, and has conducted workshops nationally and internationally for parents and teachers for over 35 years. She enjoys swimming, kayaking, photography, family games and cooking with friends of all ages.

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