Getting out the door without losing it

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Getting out the door without losing it

The tricky thing about the morning is getting everybody out the door at the same time, on time, without losing your patience. And the best solutions is to really think about it before hand. Maybe you make plans the night before with children. Maybe you lay clothes out. Some children actually sleep in their clothes because getting dressed in the morning is so difficult. Maybe if you realize you don't have time for food you pack snacks for the car and you also think about how do my children best wake up. Are they waking up on time? Are they hard to get out of bed? Is this the child that you need to play a little music for so that they can gentle into being awake and you start a little earlier? So it's knowing each of your individual children, what they need to make that transition. planning ahead, making plans with them ahead, especially if they've chosen the clothes before, the night before they're going to be more ready to go ahead and get in those clothes. With young children I feel like sometimes we actually need to dress them, even though we know they are perfectly capable of dressing themselves because it is our timetable we are working. On the weekend they can practice dressing themselves, but this morning I'm going to help you get your clothes on. You can still do that knowing that there's nothing wrong with them. There's nothing wrong with you. You can keep your patience and you can get out the door on time.

Watch Janis Keyser, MA's video on Getting out the door without losing it...


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Janis Keyser, MA

Early Childhood Education Specialist & Author

Janis Keyser currently works as a site director for a child development program in Mountain View, California. She was a full-time faculty member in the Early Childhood Education Department at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California for 30 years, teaching children, teachers and parents and coordinating a state demonstration infant toddler program. She has written a resource book for parents and one for teachers; and is a nationally recognized speaker at parenting, family and child development conferences, and has conducted workshops nationally and internationally for parents and teachers for over 35 years. She enjoys swimming, kayaking, photography, family games and cooking with friends of all ages.

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