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Meet Magnus Hellberg

Hello, I'm Magnus Hellberg from Sweden originally, but now I live in Los Angeles. I'm a real estate agent. I'm the father of three kids, four, six and 11 years old. I know that maybe shocking to you but that’s what I have. I love LA and I think that’s all. What I love to do or hear I want to do something, let's play some tennis because that’s what I like to do.
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Learn about: Meet Magnus Hellberg from Magnus Hellberg,...


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Magnus Hellberg


Magnus Hellberg is the proud father of three, two girls and a boy. He thinks you just have to do the best you can raising your kids, and hold on for dear life, be kind yet fair,  and hope for the best. He feels there are no books than can prepare you for kids in the house, so you have to live it in the moment.

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