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Meet Maria Elena Cruz

My name is Maria Cruz. I am an Art teacher and a mother of two, a four-year-old daughter and a five-year-old son. I love to paint and I also direct a project called “The Pulse” where I invite the community to come and paint to the rhythm of the drums.
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Watch Video: Meet Maria Elena Cruz by Maria Elena Cruz, ...


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Maria Elena Cruz

Mom & Art Curator

Maria Elena Cruz is an active artist and curator, and the mother of two children, aged five and seven. She has taught art for 15 years, and believes that art can help children’s development and ease them through difficult times of transition – something she has experience with firsthand. During the day she teaches at Optimist High and in the evening she teaches watercolor, mixed media art, and figure drawing at UCLA. Maria also directs a project called, “The Pulse,” where she invites the community to paint to the rhythm of drums. Maria also recently began a nonprofit, Dial Art that serves communities in multiple ways through art. Her children are happily involved in most of her art programs. Her son, Clarence, age seven, has been learning to play the trumpet for two years and is involved with the science academy. Her daughter, Amara, age five, is involved with gymnastics and the science academy.

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