Meet Tanayi Seabrook

Learn about: Meet Tanayi Seabrook from Tanayi Seabrook,...
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Meet Tanayi Seabrook

My name is Tanayi Seabrook, and I have two kids. My son Xavier is 8, and he is an amazing basketball player. He is a really precocious mischievous kid. My daughter, Nasa is a firecracker. She came in this world as a ball of fire, and she is furious. My son is kind of mellow in comparison to my daughter. And me personally, what I like to do my spare time is dance Salsa. I love Salsa. I live for Salsa.
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Learn about: Meet Tanayi Seabrook from Tanayi Seabrook,...


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Tanayi Seabrook

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Tanayi Seabrook has performed multiple roles on television productions-managing staffs, writing scripts, scheduling, budgeting, rights clearances, archival research and location scouting. At Peter Jones Productions, Tanayi was part of the production staff for a variety of episodes for A&E Network's Biography series, plus multiple programs for Turner Classic Movies. For five years Tanayi was on staff at Blackside, Inc., producers of the landmark PBS civil rights documentary series Eyes On the Prize. Tanayi worked on the PBS programs I'll Make Me A World: A Century of African American Art and Artists as well as This Far By Faith: African American Spiritual Journeys. She recently finished shooting a short film entitled The Cab, which she wrote and produced. Tanayi attended State University of New York (SUNY) Purchase, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Women's Studies and Political Science with a minor in Spanish. She also studied abroad at La Universidad de Salamanca in Spain. 

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