Benefit of annual family photo shoots

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Benefit of annual family photo shoots

A wonderful way to create a family tradition with the photographs in your own family is to pick one day every year that you decide to take photos with the kids. I do it on Father's Day and I do it as a gift for my husband. We go outside, we go to the park or the beach, and we take photos of him with the kids. At the end, I put my camera on a tripod and I jump in and we have a great family photo. It's the same day every year, and seeing those photos on the wall, it just creates a feeling of, "Look at us. Here's our family over the years." And then we know exactly when it happened. And it's just such a beautiful thing to look at, and the kids feel really excited about it too. The way you can do it yourself if you don't want to do a Father's Day shoot is you can take any day of the year and create a rally cool photo shoot; you can do cupcakes, you can make pancakes, you can go out in the park and stage a photo shoot with your kids. I love the idea, for example, doing something in October and having a pumpkin carving party. And it becomes almost like a magazine shoot with your kids. And they are excited to participate, you'll get great family photos, and every year you can look at those photos and know that this is your family tradition.

Learn about: Benefit of annual family photo shoots from Ulrica Wihlborg,...


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