Why Dad's way is just as good as Mom's

Watch Video: Why Dad's way is just as good as Mom's by Frederick J. Goodall, ...
Why Dad's way is just as good as Mom's | Kids in the House
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Why Dad's way is just as good as Mom's

Mom's and Dad's are different and we do thing differently and sometimes we get into conflicts with one another because Dad does something one way and it is not the way Mom does it but we have to understand just because they are different does not mean they are wrong. My wife and I often have conversation's about , "hey this thing need to be done". It is how I do it "Thank you for telling me that" but I am going to do the way I do it. There is nothing wrong with the way that Dad's do it and the way that Mom's do it. But we have to appreciate that each person bring something different to the relationship. For raising children, Dad's seem to have a bit more tolerance risk and they seem more to be able to allow children to fail without trying to pick them up and fix every problem. Sometimes, Mom's like to stoop in and make everything okay, fix the problem and they don't like to see the children fall or stumble or get hurt. Dad's are okay with it. We are in Colorado, couple of years ago, and there was a rock formation that my kids and I saw, so of course I had a bright idea. 'Hey, let us go climb that rock formation" at that time my son was 3 or 4 my youngest is 1. So, we ran over there and my wife say stop, "what are you doing"?, "we are going to climb this rock formation" like 'he is too little, he can't do it", "he is fine, let us go". And the funny thing is, he is leading the pack he is going up that rock formation, he had a great time, he had fun. No one got hurt. But, we will never know that he had a courage to do that if I hadn't drag him along. And sometimes Dad have to give that push to the children and if they fall, get them pick them up. Mom's help them to build their confidence and fix them up and push them as far as they can but we need both sides of the equation. Mom's and Dad's because we both offer something that is important to the children and that is why it so tragic when families are torn apart because you always get both sides to that equation. You really need it, it is really important.

Watch Video: Why Dad's way is just as good as Mom's by Frederick J. Goodall, ...


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Frederick J. Goodall

Blogger, "Mocha Dad"

Frederick J. Goodall is a writer, a speaker, and a father. In 2008, he started the popular fatherhood blog, "Mocha Dad" to chronicle his life as a dad and to counter the negative stereotypes regarding black fatherhood. He wanted to give readers a first-hand account of a black father who is intimately involved in his children’s lives. Now he uses the blog to not only capture his experiences, but also to help motivate other men to be more actively engaged and involved with their children, families, and communities.

Through his writing, Goodall attempts to address serious cultural and social issues. His articles and essays have been published in numerous magazines, newspapers, and journals such as The Houston Chronicle, Essence, and Folio Weekly. His work has also appeared in the anthologies: Paper Thin/Soul Deep and The African-American Book of Values. In addition, Goodall is a regular contributor to the websites Mamiverse, Goldfishsmiles, Your Teen Mag, and Together Counts. Goodall also travels the country speaking on the topics of fatherhood, men’s issues, social media, and blogging.

Goodall was born in Houston, Texas and graduated from Howard University in Washington, D.C. He currently lives in Houston with his wife and three kids.

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