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Lice Tips for Summer

May 30, 2013

Summer is approaching and soon you will be sending your kids off to overnight camp. To prevent pesky lice from putting an end to summer fun, take some preventative steps to prevent lice.

Check your child for head lice BEFORE going to camp.  

Teach your kids the following tips to prevent head lice at camp:

•       Avoid head-to-head contact

•       Do not share clothing such as hats, helmets, hair clips, etc.

•       Do not share brushes, combs or towels

•       Only lie and sleep in their bed

•       Girls should wear their hair up (braids, bun, ponytails). Avoid hanging hair. 

Check your child for head lice the day they return from camp.   


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Amy Goldreyer
Lice Removal Expert

About Amy Goldreyer

Prior to founding Hair Whisperers, a leading head lice removal company based in Los Angeles, Amy Goldreyer was on staff for Conan O'Brien.  After her son contracted lice in 2006, she learned she had a knack for lice removal!  Inspired by her passion for picking, she began her new career with Hair Whisperers.  Dedicated to helping families get rid of lice in the comfort and privacy of their home, her company only uses natural, non-toxic methods and products to get rid of lice and nits.

Amy strives to educate parents and reduce the stigma often associated with the diagnosis of head lice through educational presentations and with the launch of the Is it Lice App, the first application designed to assist parents with a crucial step in the lice management cycle, detection.  She has been interviewed for major media outlets including the New York Times, LA Times and Nightline.

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