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what good pediatrician looks like

Finding A Good Pediatrician

Oct 20, 2017
By: Kids in the House
One of the most important decisions you will make during your pregnancy is who will be your newborn’s pediatrician. You will want to know that the doctor who will be caring for your child not only understands how to treat specific ailments, but that they also have a similar idea about parenting as...
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10 Steps to Stop Your Child from Hitting

Jul 18, 2013
By: Laura Markham, PhD
"Odd as it may seem, children who hit are children who are afraid. The fears that cause trouble for a child who hits usually have their roots in some frightening experience earlier in her life, even though she may not seem frightened at all. To manage her fear, the frightened child develops...
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Summer Camp Safety

Jul 09, 2013
By: Pattie Fitzgerald
Summer time means camp time for lots of children. And that’s good. Camp can be great fun and is often a rite of passage for many kids. Camps help our children experience new activities, make new friends, explore diversity, and help foster independence. Plus, it’s pretty great to get them outside...
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Why Kids Drown in Kiddie Pools

Jun 25, 2013
By: Nina Shapiro, MD
Summer’s here. We’re back in the pool, lake, ocean, or river. But the carefree days of our seemingly endless summers are long gone. Any of us with small children are keenly aware of the risks of drowning for our little ones. And regardless of your views on the Casey Anthony case, and what caused...
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Toddler Dies After Swallowing Button Battery

Jun 11, 2013
This story just breaks our hearts. Last week, two-year-old Elaina Redding bled to death three weeks after swallowing a button-sized battery. Her parents told CBS they believe she got the battery from a handheld Yahtzee game. Elaina swallowed the battery on May 2 and started clutching her chest,...
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Feb 12, 2015
By: Erin Shero
Jenna Bush revealed her beautiful nursery on the Today Show's website this weekend and I had to reach out to her to share a mommy safety tip. Like Jenna, I wasn't aware of a hidden danger in my son's home. I didn't know until it was too late. Here is my letter to Jenna Bush Hager. Dear Jenna, I...
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The Truth About Depression & Self-Harm: What Every Parent Needs To Know

Feb 11, 2015
By: Kids In The House
Depression and self-harm is a difficult subject for any family and you may have questions but don't know where to turn for help. Join Kids In The House on February 17th at 1:30pm for a live Q&A discussion with psychologist Dr. Wendy Lader. Dr. Lader is co-founder and clinical director of...
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The Dangers of Window Blinds

Dec 09, 2014
By: Linda Kaiser, Parents for Window Blind Safety
June 12th 2002 was a perfect summer night. I kissed my twins goodnight and laid them down to sleep in their room. My husband had taken our 5-year-old daughter for a walk in the wagon while I did some cleaning up. I could hear my little babies playing and laughing as they always did in their cribs...
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Summer Safety Tips for Young Kids

Aug 05, 2014
By: Kids in the House
Summertime brings fun activities and laughter to young kids, but it can also mean stress and anxiety for parents. Children are outside more, often in a less restricted environment than a classroom, which means less supervision as well. It’s important to teach children certain tips and rules that...
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Finding the Best Toddler Car Seat

Aug 04, 2014
By: Kids in the House
Finding the right car seat can be stressful for any first-time parents. You want your toddler to be both comfortable and safe. The vast amount of brands and types out there can make this an extremely daunting task. However, knowing a few useful tips can help make this process easier. An important...
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