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Apr 27, 2015

Kids In The House has gathered some of our best parenting tips from some of our favorite celebrities. Brooke Burke-Charvet, Jeff Probst, Geena Davis, Ali Landry, Sam Jaeger, Mark Steines, Tiffani Thiessen, Alysia Reiner, Ricki Lake, Elisabeth Rohm and Arianna Huffington all share their advice for raising great kids. Check out their golden nuggets of parenting advice in this video.


Patience. Give them good advice. Make sure they understand what a consequence is so that they know if they make a bad decision, there is a result. And then you got to trust them to go out into the world. - Jeff Probst
With school and activities and running them around and grocery shopping and everything else that happens, I really try to carve out those moments or that hour or few hours where I can really spend that quality with each child. - Ali Landry
I think family meetings are incredibly important. I call for a family meeting, and it's a time when we all gather, and it's sort of an open platform for my children to speak about anything and everything. - Brooke Burke-Charvet
This is what I do when I'm watching either television or videos with my kids. I try to always watch with them, which may be annoying for them. But we limit how much they watch, which is a good idea. - Geena Davis
I have learned to be vulnerable for my children. Not because I want to show them "weak" or that I'm the not the man that my dad was, who was a farmer and "man of the earth". My tip would be: "Model the behavior you want your kids to have." - Mark Steines
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