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Leana's Blog: My Trip to Africa, The Preparation

Jul 01, 2013

Today I got my vaccinations as I am going Africa. I am bringing my three kids (ages 14, 10 and 5) with me to work in an orphanage. Forget about the bake sale to raise money...I wanted to do something different. I don't know if it's my mom dying this year or the three years of interviewing people that unselfishly work to make a difference but I wanted my kids to expand their horizons past the easy life of the Westside of Los Angeles. We are going to bring art supplies for an art workshop. Blue and Violet are going to teach a dance class. And I'm bringing extra tooth brushes from my dentist; my suitcase is pretty packed!

The orphanage that we are going to is called the Cura Orphanage. It's outside Nairobi and it has 50 children; 25 boys and 25 girls. The ages are 5-17. I will be posting about the journey as we go. At this point, I'm praying that I made the right decision when I decided to bring my five year old son Teal to volunteer in Africa.
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