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Advice on raising children

I think it's very important to realize that raising children is almost a profession. In our case, it was our highest priority, and it was something we did very deliberately. Each child is different, they go through different stages, they have different challenges, they have different questions. And for us, you don't always know the answer. But we would discuss it and we would talk about what are the needs here and how can we help them through this period? I don't think that you can raise children as just sort of an afterthought, just the fact that they're there and your ministering to them, say in terms of feeding or clothing them. That's not enough. And what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another. And I think one of the mistakes that parents sometimes make is when they take one child and set it as an example for the other. I think the important thing is to take each one of them and tell them how important the are.

Learn about: Advice on raising children from Al Checchi,...


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