How to use humor in parenting

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How to use humor in parenting

I use a lot of humor in my parenting, because humor is like yeast. Let me elaborate. The root word of the word levity is the same root word as leavening, which is yeast. And so in the same way that yeast comes into a sticky messy glob of dough and makes it into something else, gives it light and air, in the same way you can put humor into a messy, sticky, heavy situation, and it gives some air, life, and breath to it. So I use it a lot. I try to teach my kids, I laugh at myself a lot, because I do a lot of ridiculous things. And I try to teach them to laugh at themselves as well. And also, it's really important to use humor when you're trying to teach kids about faith so it's not heavy and religious. And if they say something funny about God or their faith, that's actually my favorite thing. Case in point, I thought I was being so clever teaching, I said to my son, we were having a little devotional, and I was like, so who's your best friend. And my daughter who's 6, turns and in the driest voice possible she's like, the answer's Jesus. She wants you to say Jesus. I'm like, well, there you go.

See Shari Simpson's video on How to use humor in parenting...


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Shari Simpson

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Shari Simpson is the mastermind behind the humor parenting blog “Earth Mother just means I’m dusty”; she also writes for NickMom, In The Powder Room, Cool Mom Picks and is the editor of Mommy Poppins New Jersey. Shari was the BlogHer 2012 Voice of the Year in humor writing and co-wrote the comedy, “Maybe Baby, It’s You” which had two successful off-Broadway runs and a Hollywood run starring Tori Spelling. Shari lives in Hoboken, New Jersey with her patient husband and three children (two humans, one pug). 

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