The four initiatives of PAM

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The four initiatives of PAM

Anna Getty: So the 4 initiatives of PAM include Education, Nutrition, Exercise and Nurturing and Wellness. So at the time of conceiving PAM or Pregnancy Awareness Month, my business partner Lisa and myself, we thought what were the main components that we thought were important for us during our pregnancies. And because we looked at the month of May having four weeks, we’ve decided to allocate those 4 initiatives. So Education includes everything from Do I have a home birth? Do I have a hospital birth? Do I have a midwife, a doctor or who, why, when, how? You know really just looking at the components that help empower your choices. Nutrition of course, is how do I eat. What should I eat? How does the food that I eat affect my growing baby? Exercise, you know prenatal yoga, of course. We encourage swimming, walking. What type of exercise do I do while I’m pregnant? And then we just believe that nurturing the mother during pregnancy is such a good foundation before moving into motherhood because so many women forget themselves the second their babies are born. So we just wanted to create this initiative that would just help parlay them into not just nurturing their baby but continually nurturing themselves.

See Anna Getty's video on The four initiatives of PAM...


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Anna Getty

Founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month

Anna Getty is the founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM). She is a mother of two, a former pre-natal yoga teacher, author and holistic lifestyle educator.

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