Tiffani Thiessen discusses the Baby Buggy charity

Watch Tiffani Thiessen's video on Tiffani Thiessen discusses the Baby Buggy charity...
Tiffani Thiessen discusses the Baby Buggy charity | Kids in the House
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Tiffani Thiessen discusses the Baby Buggy charity

What drew me to the organization Baby Buggy I think was many reasons. One of the biggest reasons, and I think it was kind of the reason why Jessica Seinfeld started the organization was that I felt like I was getting so much stuff. I was very fortunate to have strollers being given to me, and clothes and toys and all these things. But, at the same time, I didn't need it all. And, I thought it was really amazing that she started an organization where she did the same thing with all the things that she didn't need any more or it was she had too much of it; that she could actually give back to families that need it. You know, it's hard enough to be a parent. It's hard enough to want to raise your children safely and give them the love and the support that they need. But there's things that you need to do that: a safe stroller, a safe car seat, diapers, wipes, clothes. All those things to, you know, have your family safe and that's what Baby Buggy does.

Watch Tiffani Thiessen's video on Tiffani Thiessen discusses the Baby Buggy charity...


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Tiffani Thiessen

Actress & Mother

Tiffani Thiessen stars as Elizabeth Burke in the USA Network original series WHITE COLLAR, which will begin production on its 6th season this spring.

Thiessen is an American television and film actress.  A versatile performer, she has proven her talent from comedy to drama in a variety of film and television roles. From Woody Allen's comedy “Hollywood Ending,” to “Beverly Hills 90210,” Thiessen's charisma has kept her career moving constantly forward and has gained her the adoration of millions internationally.

Thiessen has been seen in “What About Brian” and in a nine-episode guest starring role on NBC's “Good Morning Miami.”  In 2003, she starred the Fox series “Fast Lane” with Peter Facinelli and Bill Bellamy, directed by McG. She also guest-starred on the NBC hit comedy “Just Shoot Me” in a three-episode arc, portraying a columnist who becomes romantically involved with David Spade's character, and appeared in a recurring role on the ABC comedy “Two Guys and a Girl.”

She began modeling at the age of eight and soon went on to star in the television series “Saved By the Bell” for five seasons. At the same time, she made her feature film debut in “Son In Law” opposite Pauly Shore. In 1993, she showed her range when Aaron Spelling cast her in “Beverly Hills 90210,” where she portrayed the multi-layered Valerie Malone for five seasons.

Her other feature film roles include the comedy “Ladies Man;” the independent film “Speedway Junky” with Jesse Bradford, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Daryl Hannah; “Love Stinks” with Tyra Banks and French Stewart; and the horror/comedy spoof “Shriek! If you Know What I did Last Friday 13th” opposite Tom Arnold.

In 2005, Thiessen started up her own Production company called Tit 4 Tat Productions while directing her first short film entitled “Just Pray” the same year. “Just Pray” went on to win awards at top film festivals around the country.

Tiffani currently splits her time between New York and Los Angeles, with her husband and daughter.

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