Avoiding raising children who feel entitled

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Avoiding raising children who feel entitled

Our family has been very fortunate financially, but in no way has it undermined our children's motivation. And I think part of the reason is that money was never that important to us. I think you raise your children by example. If we were valuing money and saying that it gave us a sense of entitlement or we acted that way, then we would pass that onto our children. And I think our children saw that it really didn't matter to us. In fact, I just thought we were very, very fortunate. Things could have gone another way; I let them know that. I let them know that money did not necessarily connote performance, that sometimes a lot of luck was involved. And I think the important thing is we never picked our friends according to whether they had similar financial circumstances to us. In taking vacations, we didn't go to fancy places. We went to places where we thought our children would have a good time and that we could spend time as a family. And I think that your children pick up your values. And if you're not materialistic, you're children aren't going to be materialistic.

See Al Checchi's video on Avoiding raising children who feel entitled...


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