Ways to celebrate stepparents

Learn about: Ways to celebrate stepparents from Tristan Coppersmith,...
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Ways to celebrate stepparents

When the bio-mom is present, special occasions like Mother's Day can definitely be a little bit tricky. After all, it's natural to want acknowledgement and to be appreciated. That's what the holiday is built for. It's always a reminder of what your role isn't. You are not mom. No matter how much you put in; you are not mom, you are step-mom. This used to bother me terribly, for years, especially because I'm a custodial step-mom. But eventually, I got to the point where I began to appreciate their mom and the life that she's given them, because it's a life that I get to participate in. So Mother's Day is reserved for her, happily. I'll acknowledge it too. Then a few weeks later, we get to celebrate me. We have a day called OOM's Day, Other Mother's Day. Every year, I'm just overwhelmed at how much love and gratitude my kids show me.

Learn about: Ways to celebrate stepparents from Tristan Coppersmith,...


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Tristan is a stepmom of two and a mom of one-on-the-way. By day she is a Love Stylist, helping single women navigate the challenges of dating. She is the author of Menu Dating and the soon to be released, Getting Out of Love's Way. By night she is a psychology grad student at Pepperdine. What she really lives for, though, is lazy strolls on the beach, eavesdropping at local coffee shops, shopping for vintage dresses and of course, snuggle time with the family. 

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