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Tips for Fathers Bonding With Newborns

Aug 19, 2014

Father-baby bonding benefits everyone in the family. Many fathers find themselves lost in a completely new environment once the baby comes. They are not sure what to do, how to act, or how to get a response from their babies. It seems that mothers naturally know what to do and fathers may often feel neglected in the whole process.

But bonding with a newborn baby can be a great, life-changing experience, as many fathers claim. Author Armin Brott explains the most important thing to do is to spend time with your baby. Fathers need to be there from day one, getting used to the new member of the family and letting him get used to you. Even the smallest things can have great results. These things can include taking your baby with you for a walk or to grocery store. 

Ron Howell explains how doing these simple things as a father helped him become a better person. He explains that making the baby a part of your life will change your perspective on life and explore new areas of your personality you didn't know were there.

The benefits for the baby are even greater. Even though the relationship with one's mother is considered to be the most important relationship one can have in his life, newborn babies who have the attention and care from their father as well will grow up to be more confident people. The ''daddy issues'' concept is well-known and it serves as a great illustration to what can happen if a baby's father isn't there for them in the beginning of their life.

There's a reason a baby needs two parents. Their approach is different and very valuable. For example, mothers often tend to talk on a baby level which, if it's ovedone, can prolong the baby's speech development. Fathers usually don't have that ability because they are more masculine and use common speech and voice when talking to a baby, which can help the baby develop faster.

The most common mistake fathers make is waiting for the baby to grow up a little before getting involved in their life. By that time it may be too late. Some experts claim the first three years of a child's life is the most crucial time for emotional development. So, the frustrations a person has as an adult often roots to this period of their life. Don't let your child suffer because you didn't know what to do in the beginning. Talk to your baby and spend time with them because even though your baby may not seem to understand it at first, it will make all the difference and you will be a great father.


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