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Bonding with Baby for Fathers

Author and Radio host Armin Brott, blogger Adrian Kulp, and father Ronald Howell discuss how  fathers can bond with their baby, something that appears to be challenging for new parents, but is actually something simple to achieve. New fathers should prepare for a tough first few months with a baby, but understand that as a child gets older, there will be more response from them. Spend time with your baby and pay attention to what’s going on with them. Take them with you to the grocery store or on a walk. You can build your relationship and get used to each other by simply taking an interest in them and what they love.


- Most new fathers come into the whole new father thing without a lot of experience with kids. Their partner's probably did some babysitting, and most likely the guys didn't. So a natural question I get a lot which is, "What am I suppose to do with this thing "now that we got this baby around?" And the first thing you need to prepare for, is the first couple months are going to be tough. They're not going to ... Read more

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