Becoming a father

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Becoming a father

The most surprising thing about becoming a father was at how much it changed me. I am a completely different person. I'm having a hard time even knowing myself because I am seeing things in a whole different light. It just opened up a lot of awareness to me of the future. I never really thought much about the future in a way of how I wanted things to be, even when I'm gone. It almost was, I lived a life of having fun and doing what I needed to do to make money, to enjoy my life now. But having children, I just am desperately getting involved with occupied movements and things that are really taking things into the future and thinking about how is it going to be with our kids. I've heard it for years, but really when you're having kids and you truly start thinking about how do I want our world, our government, our society, our educational system, it's overwhelming. And for me, I spent a lot of my life traveling the world, surfing and playing and enjoying life and snowboarding and heliboarding and doing lots of great and wonderful things. And now I don't feel myself as the surfer, snowboarder, travel the world guy; I am a father worried about the future of my world. And I blame my kids for that.

See Ron Howell's video on Becoming a father...


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Ron Howell


Ron is a licensed architect, and has been in private practice for 15 years. He attended Cal Poly SLO for his undergrad, and his graduate study was done at the University of Copenhagen. His is the father of three, two sons and a daughter.

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