Asperger's treatment alternatives

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Asperger's treatment alternatives

I know that there's a lot of treatment and drugs that they say for Asperger's and I've looked into quite a bit and tried to figure out what the best way to treat my son is. But I haven't tried any treatments for him. I notice that there are certain foods that affect him, so I try to feed him right, vitamins, and trying to do things in a more holistic way. I know that colors have affected him, just one of those things where you give him a red M&M and you can just see it affect him, whatever that is. So we even did our own kind of research on that and found that just feeding him well and making sure he gets his exercise, 'cause he tends to want to sit in front of that computer and read. "Stop reading, get some exercise." But he's gotta get out there; he's happier if he gets some exercise and eats well. So those are what I've done to treat him.

View Ron Howell's video on Asperger's treatment alternatives...


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