Asperger's diagnosis

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Asperger's diagnosis

When I realized that he had Asperger's, it was a relief for me. It gave me a reason to understand him, to put my emotions, because I was very frustrated with him many times and didn't know what to do with that. And I'm a much better father, I think, now for him that I understand he has trouble with certain things and that the diagnosis helped me help him much better. Once he was diagnosed, I was able to do research and find out the things that I could do to help him out, whether it be things that I could teach him or talk to him about, or even foods that he could have. There's much more things that I felt that I could do for him. And I was frustrated before that time not knowing what I could do to help him out. My instincts weren't helping me at that point, my 'stop that' and 'what are you doing?' The things that my father was coming to me at. They weren't working at all, there was no reaction from him that was helpful. I made things worse for him. And he was getting more and more frustrated. So we were at this point where I was getting frustrated, he was getting frustrated and not really understanding why. And once we understood why, I was able to back off and then he relaxed and it took the tension and the stress out of the situation; not all of it, but some.

Watch Ron Howell's video on Asperger's diagnosis...


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