Asperger's and extended family

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Asperger's and extended family

I had to be really clear with my family about Asperger's with my son. And it really helped my relationship with my parents and some of my other family members who were very judgmental about parenting, how kids should be and how they should react and how they should say yes please, no please, and all that. So my parents, and my mom specifically, it really was good for her to hear this. And I still have to pound it into her head, it's amazing. I don't know if it's because of her generation that she has these expectations of how a child is supposed to be. To this day, I have to remind her about how special Michael is and to appreciate him, and it's shocking to me that I have to make a grandmother appreciate her grandson. But it's really important for her to hear and keep hearing; I have to keep reminding her about that. So it's very important. Strangers, it doesn't seem to be that much of an issue. But for my family who has certain expectations of him, it's important they they are constantly reminded that he is special.

View Ron Howell's video on Asperger's and extended family...


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