Asperger's and siblings

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Asperger's and siblings

Well the tips I could give for people who have kids with Asperger's and one that doesn't is really being able to focus on listening to each one of them and each one of their needs. They both need your attention, and they especially need it at special times. And be sensitive for when one really needs your attention and when one doesn't. And you kind of get the feeling for that after you've been around them for a while. You can tell when one is just kind of pawing at you or really needs your attention. Because you can spend a lot of time with them that isn't really quality time. But there's certain times Asperger kids, you know when they need you. They'll grab you. My son will grab my head and pull my head over because he's got something he desperately needs to say. I may think it's just the silliest thing in the world, which a lot of times I think it is, but you need to look at him and hear what he's saying. And same with the normal kid; he has certain needs he needs. Asperger's kids seem to be easier to me because they're just so honest. They need their attention now, and then they'll go away, they're fine. It's harder to read my normal kid. He kind of always wants me attention and he's a little bit more tricky. Mike, I know when he wants my attention and I know when he needs it. And even though the other one's coming up wanting it, I gotta give one focus and really look at giving him what he wants. And you give him his undivided attention for a short period of time, that may be all he needs, then go back to his regular sibling.

See Ron Howell's video on Asperger's and siblings...


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