Parenting kids with Asperger's

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Parenting kids with Asperger's

The most challenging thing that you have to deal with Asperger's -- with any child. I think Asperger's brings it to a whole other level -- is patience. You are dealing with something that pushes buttons that you never knew you had. You can't relate to when you have a normal child, you can relate. When they are doing things that make no sense to you whatsoever, it is so easy to get mad and to react to it. The reaction is what causes more reaction in them. They are reacting and they are upset and stressed. If I bring that to the situation, everything just blows up. I have to stay calm. It's very difficult to stay calm in those situations. I need to be the support for him in those times. One thing is that children pushes buttons, but a child with Asperger's -- There are situations that you can never imagine. "Why are you doing that?" You can't say that to them. You just have to explain to them without asking them what they are doing. It's keeping myself calm, understanding, and compassionate for him.

Watch Ron Howell's video on Parenting kids with Asperger's...


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