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Communicating with Baby

Communicating with Baby

Therapist and parent educator Allison LaTona and Infant Toddler Consultant Elsa Chahin discuss the importance of communication with a baby. Developing security and trust with a baby is critical to their relationship with you as well as their development. This feeling allows them to explore, and builds confidence and self esteem. Communication is not always cries, but gestures, body language, and eye contact. Once a parent learns these cues and how to respond to them, it moves a child toward the ultimate task of autonomy.


- Developing security and trust with your baby is critical to the development of the relationship and to their development that is emerging toward separating from you over time. When a child feels a sense of security, they feel a sense of safety as well, and that allows them to explore. Babies communicate in many different ways. Not just through their cries and their vocalizations, but also through their gestures and body language and eye contact. When parents learn their child's cues learn how to read ... Read more

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