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The Advantages of a Nanny: Deciding between daycare and private caregivers

Dec 05, 2013

As a parent, there are many tough decisions that must be made on our children’s behalf from the very beginning, everything from what stroller to purchase, to cloth diapering vs. disposable. In each scenario, it is important to weigh the needs of your unique family, research the benefits and make a decision based on what you believe will be best in the long run for your child. Deciding on childcare is no different, and if not, one of the most critical decisions you, as parents, will make in the beginning. Many times parents feel overwhelmed and inundated by thoughts or opinions of others on this topic so we are here to provide some clarity and to weigh the benefits of hiring a nanny vs. placing your child in day care.


The biggest benefit in hiring a nanny is the 1-on-1 personalized attention that both you and your child will receive. A nanny’s sole purpose is to provide your child (and your child only) the best care possible. Nannies can also assist in establishing feeding, napping and nighttime schedule for your child that is personally tailored to your family’s individual and unique schedule. 


Another big benefit is the stability and comfort of a consistent daily routine. Your child will have the opportunity to establish a routine in the comfort of their home, with the same childcare team day in and out. Additionally they will get to nap in their own bed, eat lunch in their highchair and connect with their home setting and surroundings. When they are old enough, they will have the opportunity to play with the neighbor kids, explore the parks and other activities. 


A great benefit in hiring a nanny is the flexibility it will afford you and your partner. If both you and your partner have other commitments outside of the home you can choose to find a nanny that is available to work around your hours as oppose to possibly changing or adjusting your schedules to fit those of the daycare. 


Lastly, most daycares do their best to keep the facilities tidy and as germ free as possible but despite this, children will be exposed to sickness more frequently and at a younger age. Germs are inevitable, but the rate of children who get ill more frequently is much higher in those children who attend daycare. 


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