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Early Signs of Autism

Signs of autism

Mom Debi Cox and Child Psychologist Allison Kawa, along with Stephanie Rotondi from Generation Rescue, review the early signs of autism and what parents can expect. The most common signs are delays in speech, averting eyes, hand flapping, repetitive use of objects, and more behaviors. Part of getting a diagnosis is getting access to services. You will need to help address what your opportunities are and have your child’s needs met. The goal is always to help them reach their potential.


- In the beginning when I didn't know what was going on, that he was autistic, I floundered. I didn't know what to do, who to look at, and I kept looking at my child, going, what's wrong with you?

- Some of the classic signs of autism that we often see in toddlers or preschool-aged children are going to include delays in speech, children who avert their eyes or who really only hold it briefly, hand flapping, toe walking, behaviors such as lining objects up and becoming very distressed if the lines are moved, spinning objects, very ... Read more

Sarah Clifford Scheflen, Speech Language Pathologist, explains the different types of doctors and specialists that treat autism.
Sarah Clifford Scheflen, Speech Language Pathologist, explains autism and the autism spectrum.
Debi Cox shares her experience with autism and picky eating.
Sarah Clifford Scheflen, Speech Language Pathologist, explains the importance of early diagnosis and intervention with autistic children.
Learn about: What are the most common deficits of autism? from Sarah Clifford Scheflen, MS, CCC-SLP,...
Sarah Clifford Scheflen, Speech-Language Pathologist, shares advice for parents on how to recognize the early warning signs of autism in young children
Watch Debi Cox's video on First signs of autism...
Pediatrician Lawrence Kagan, MD, discusses how there is no link between vaccinations and autism, but does explain how studies show that there are some environmental... read more
Allison Kawa, Child Psychologist, shares advice for parents on how to accept an autism diagnosis.
Child Psychologist Allison Kawa, PhD, explains for parents what the earliest signs of autism or other developmental delays are in babies
Allison Kawa, Child Psychologist, describes how parents can obtain an early history for their child's autism spectrum disorder's evaluation.
Allison Kawa, Child Psychologist, explains why it is difficult to diagnose a child with autism before age two.

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