Autism and picky eating

Debi Cox shares her experience with autism and picky eating.
Autism and picky eating | Kids in the House
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Autism and picky eating

In the beginning, my son was a very, very picky eater, and I have heard that that's really common with autistic children. And I didn't understand what that was about either. I'd feed him a jar of food and he'd have a funny reaction to a bite and he'd throw up everything that he ate. And then he would only eat certain things, which created a lot of stress. And I think it's very typical from autistic children, from what I hear. So it was a sign, too, in the beginning. I went, "Oh, yeah. That's different too."

Debi Cox shares her experience with autism and picky eating.


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Debi Cox

Stay at Home Mom

Debi is a mom to two wonderful boys, ages seven and four. She lives in Culver City, CA and is a stay at home mom. Debi spends a good deal of her time caring for her seven year old high-functioning autistic son. She enjoys family time with her husband and boys, bike riding, yoga and swimming.  

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