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Understanding Colic: Causes, Symptoms and Expert Advice.

Colic, frustrating for babies and parents alike, marks a period where an otherwise healthy baby shows signs of significant distress through crying. Babies show symptoms of colic when they cry more than three hours a day, three days a week, and for three weeks or more. Colic does not always occur after feeding; babies might cry non-stop for many hours during the day. However, colic is generally temporary and short-lived. It is important to understand that all fussy babies don’t necessarily have colic. Specific signs of colic include:

Predictable crying episodes.
High-pitched or inconsolable crying.
Crying for no clear reason.
Changes in posture or hand movements.

Pediatrician Dr. Lawerence Kagan explains: “When it occurs, you have afternoon and early evening crying caused by an immature intestinal system’s inability to manage gas. So as children get older and they start to eat less and less at night, they are comfortable in the morning, but the meals that they have during the day, the gas builds up and by the afternoon they are ... Read more

Having a newborn with Colic can be a heart wrenching and challenging experience for any parent. Babies can scream up to five hours a day for ten weeks. Pediatricians... read more
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Colic Symptoms
Colic - the severe, often fluctuating pain in the abdomen caused by intestinal gas or obstruction in the intestines, suffered especially by babies.
How to soothe a colic baby
Colic - the severe, often fluctuating pain in the abdomen caused by intestinal gas or obstruction in the intestines, seen most commonly in newborns.
Infant Colic
Pediatric Gastroenterologist Dan Thomas, explains in his video “ read more
Cure for Colic
The intense crying that is caused by colic is a sound that no parent wants to hear or will soon forget.
What causes colic in babies
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Kids in the House
It’s 9pm, and your normally placid 8-week-old starts screaming. You nurse her, burp her, swaddle her, sway her – but nothing works. read more
Kids in the House
You read the parenting books as your belly grew, and though you likely skimmed the section on colic, until your baby began to scream for three, four, five hours each... read more
Juli Schneiderman shares advice on dealing with a child's food intolerance while breastfeeding.
Hear how mom Juli Schneiderman overcame the challenge of dealing with babies that won't stop crying. Her firsthand advice will offer a sense of understanding and relief... read more
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