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How to Soothe a Colic Baby

Jul 01, 2015
How to soothe a colic baby

Colic - the severe, often fluctuating pain in the abdomen caused by intestinal gas or obstruction in the intestines, seen most commonly in newborns.

It can be extremely frustrating for parents or a guardians to watch their child going through the colic cries because there is not that much they can do to help them.


There are various home remedies that could help your child. One that Dr. Kagan recommends is a probiotic, specifically the bacteria lactobacillic ruteri. This has proven to cut down the crying by up to fifty percent.

Dan Thomas recommends giving kids a liquid antacid, which can take away some of the gas and allow the child's bowel movements to increase. This is a very achievable and accessible remedy. He also has seen some success with probiotics - there have been various studies on this. You can feed your child a probiotic with their food or give it to them in the afternoon.

Some of the major DON’TS that Dr. Thomas touches upon are overfeeding your child and constantly changing up your child’s formula. This could cause the gas to increase and more colic cries.

Debi Cox, mother of two, found various songs and sounds that tried to soothe the crying. She did not ask for help - which she explains is a huge regret of hers. She believes if she were physically closer with her baby it might have helped.

Colic treatment is something that doctors have been battling to understand and find an easy solution for, but it has been challenging.


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