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How To Get A Good Night's Sleep With A Colicky Baby

Jul 01, 2015
What causes colic in babies

Have you ever woken up to screaming cries from your child? You’ve tried everything but you simply do not know how to calm him or her down? This situation is extremely frustrating for you because you want to help your child and you also want to know why he or she is crying so that you can help.

One of the huge reasons why your toddler could be uncontrollably crying is because he or she has colic.

The real question that arises now is how are you supposed to get a decent amount of sleep with your baby crying all night?

Colic baby remedies

Stay at home mother, Juli Schneiderman, explains that going through the nightly cries were some of the greatest challenges she has faced being a mother. One of the tips she offers in her video is that you must take shifts with either your spouse or a friend. There is no way for one person to handle this alone and it is important that the time be split equally. There is no one right answer for how to get through the night - you must work together with your spouse and let time pass.

Relationship and parenting expert, Wendy Walsh, talks about how difficult it can be to deal with the stresses of a crying baby every single night. She stresses that it is ok to ask for help. A lot of parents think that when they ask either family or friends for help they are failing as parents, but the truth is they are not. No one can deal with a crying baby at two in the morning for six straight hours, and you can’t be afraid to ask for help.


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