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Understanding What Causes Colic in Babies

Jul 01, 2015
Infant Colic

Pediatric Gastroenterologist Dan Thomas, explains in his video “What Causes Colic and How to Best Treat It” the main aspects as to why this condition has kids uncontrollably scream out crying.

There is no one single remedy for colic because doctors do not know the specific causes. It is very frustrating and upsetting so it is important that the parents of the child ask others for help. It is really hard to deal with the crying day in and day out and there’s no shame in asking for back-up.


Dr. Kagan, an expert for Kids in the House, breaks it down for us and explains that Colic can only occur in a newborn around six weeks but can last up to of sixteen weeks, usually occurring in the afternoon and early evening. The crying is usually quite unbearable and can last up to a few hours. What’s happening is that the baby’s small intestine cannot handle the mass amount of gas from the day’s worth of food, so he/she begins to scream. A baby’s stomach will hurt because he/she is growing at an extremely fast rate and he/she is gaining a mass amount of body weight.

Because Colic is still quite a mystery to doctors, it is important as parents to be patient with your children and help them get through the pain that they are feeling.


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