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Developmental Delays

Developmental delays

Join Professor of Pediatrics Tamiko Jordan and OTR/L Melissa Idelson as they discuss developmental delays in babies. The most common developmental problem a premature baby may encounter is a developmental delay. The four domains doctors look-out for are: gross motor, fine motor, language, and problem-solving. Doctors judge development based on the time a baby was supposed to be born, rather than when they actually were born. If your baby is not catching up between the first to second year of life, your doctor might suggest a full developmental evaluation.


- The most common developmental problem a premature baby would face is developmental delay. So your doctor may ask you questions in the four domains of development that we think about, the first being gross motor. Those are the large movements like sitting or crawling. The fine motor movements, like the way they use their fingers to maybe pick up Cheerios or small bits of food. The third being language, so how your baby is maybe making sounds or responding to other ... Read more

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