How to fight for paid maternal leave

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How to fight for paid maternal leave

Why should we fight for our national paid parental leave? 178 countries in the world have paid maternity leave, but not the United States of America. It's the only high income country in the world that doesn't have it. So only about half of all first time US moms get any paid leave at all. And we know that paid leave helps moms recover, it helps babies bond, giving them long-term health and well being benefits. Smart companies, like for instance The working mother 100 best companies, which by the way, all offer paid parental leave to both moms and dads, generous paid leave, they know what a new records university study just found. More women are apt to return to their jobs after paid maternity leave and with high moral and performance. And as for paid parental leave, dads and adoptive parents need paid leave as well. You know some states have a paid maternity leave, but we need a national policy. That's why working mothers are fighting and raging a campaign to fight for a national paid parental leave. You can sign our petition at and we will all fight together.

Learn about: How to fight for paid maternal leave from Barbara Turvett,...


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As Working Mother magazine’s Executive Editor, Barbara Turvett is integrally involved in the magazine’s editorial viewpoint and planning. She oversees and edits women’s, family and work life content, top edits the entire magazine and also contributes to Barbara has specialized in parenting, women’s health and education topics throughout her career. She has written and edited for many national publications and websites, among them Parenting, Parents, Family Circle, Weight Watchers, Child, McCall’s, Sesame Street Parents, Healthy Kids, Men’s Fitness and American Baby magazines. Barbara has edited two award-winning early childhood education books, and she has written a health book and edited several cookbooks for Weight Watchers Publishing Group. Prior to life in publishing, she was an actress and singer and performed in film, theatre and nightclubs. Barbara enjoys life in New York City with her husband, teenage daughter and pet cockatiel.

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